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Hardwood Flooring VS Bamboo Flooring Melbourne: The Showdown

The choice is in your hands. Prices, materials and makes don’t matter since everything is all about your choice. What’s important is that you’re comfortable with what you have regardless of the kind of product you are buying.

As a homeowner, you want to ensure that your home looks presentable and at the same very comfortable. It is a known fact that our homes represent who we are as a person and therefore how we design and improve our homes reflects our personality. It is very essential that occasionally, you need to improve your homes especially in its flooring. Do you want to make your home flooring look expensive although it is not? The choice is really up to the way you choose the materials for it. In this article, we will look into the two types of flooring. Get ready to choose.

·         Materials

Hardwood floors have been very famous for a number of years in relevance to its strength and durability. With this in mind, many homeowners do not have to second-guess or doubt that this is the best flooring materials there is. Bamboos on the other hand do not have the same confidence and regard coming from these homeowners but what they do not know is that bamboo flooring Melbourne material is really strong to withstand daily pressures. As a matter of fact, they think that bamboos are weak-but they are wrong. Though bamboo is a type of grass, make no mistake-it is a robust choice in terms of flooring material. There was even a propaganda that you might have seen that a panda can munch a bamboo with ease. This is actually wrong. Consider bamboo as your main flooring material and see for yourself.

A word of caution; regardless if you choose hardwood or bamboo flooring Melbourne as your main floor materials, it is not advisable to have them installed in the kitchen and especially bathrooms as they are not moisture-friendly. But bamboos can be the best choice for extreme changes of temperature.

·         Finish

Bamboo flooring Melbourne floor is now considered to be the most recent and modern choice since it provides a more lighter, textured grain and contemporary finish. It also offers amber or honey colors that make it more unique compared to the more usual finishes such as teak, cedar, oak, pine or maple floors.

·         Eco-friendly

Hardwoods that are made with good quality lumber are extremely rare and that it take a more than a decade for a replacement to grow if a tree was cut. Bamboos on the other hand are growing abundantly and are available everywhere in the world. If a bamboo is harvested, you do not need to plant them again since it is a grass- the stalks will eventually grow again and can be harvested after 5 to 7 years making them more environment- friendly. In addition, bambooflooring Melbourne still holds the record of the most sustainable resource that continues to protect ecology. This puts a peace of mind to homeowners. They won’t feel guilty of taking part of deforestation.

·         Price Tag

Bamboos are way cheaper compared to hardwood as they are available everywhere and their demands have increased dramatically over the years. Though it's cheap, it is sturdy and strong.

Again, given these facts- the choice is yours.


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