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Care Tips for Different Carpet Materials

Carpet Style in Melbourne, Australia
Before you check for carpets in Melbourne, you should first know what type of material or fiber you should get for your home or office. Above anything else, you should be familiar with the different types of fibers used in carpets. Each has its own distinct qualities and if such is used in a wrong place, you might just end up ruining the material. While you could also check for a cheap commercial carpet in Melbourne or any material that will not cost you that much, be sure to consider your budget range to as well as the area you are planning to use the carpet. These are just some of the things you need to consider when choosing the right carpet for your home.

Among the different types of fibers available in the market today, a lot of people opt for carpets made from nylon. This material is pretty much popular because of its high performance and durability. As a matter of fact, nylon carpets tend to have excellent resilience. If you are looking for a material that can hide stains and unwanted dark smudges, nylon carpet is perfect option. And because it is known for its durability, it has been a popular choice for many people all these years.

Caring for nylon carpets is not that difficult as compared to other types of carpets in Melbourne. When it comes to removing the stains and dark smears, it is best to clean it immediately. Although most carpets are stain-resistant, ignoring the smudges for a long time will only make it harder for you to remove the stain. Also, make sure you nylon carpet is vacuumed ever so often. Doing so can actually help remove all the dirt as well as those small items that are stuck in your carpet.

Another type of material used in carpets is the olefin. Carpets of this kind are way cheaper than a commercial carpet in Melbourne. Even with a nylon fiber, this material is less expensive. Although a lot cheaper, this type of carpet is best known for its superior stain resistance. Also, carpets made from this material are resistant to sun fading and bleach. The only problem is that this type of carpet may not be as durable as compared as nylon carpets. You may want to reconsider if you are planning to place this type of carpet in high traffic areas such as offices and schools.

If you are going to use to an olefin carpet in your living room, make sure you don’t drag your furniture across it. You should know that heavy dragging can actually cause damage the fibers to fuse. As compared to a nylon carpets, this type of carpet has poor abrasion resistance. But because it is has excellent moisture and stain resistance, this has become a popular option as well to many homeowners.

A carpet made from polyester is another type of fiber that can add a sense of sophistication to every home. What’s good about this type of carpet is its resistance to fading and stain. Just like a carpet made from olefin, it also has low resilience which means it is not an ideal option for places with high traffic. To make sure it will last for many years, make sure to clean the carpet regularly.


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