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How To Maintain Engineered Timber Flooring
Wood flooring has been the choice of many homeowners, particularly in Melbourne because of the elegance and sophistication it exudes. Perhaps that is the reason why a lot of modifications have been made with these wooden floors.  Among the most sought after type is the engineered timber flooring in Melbourne.

This type flooring is not your typical hardwood because it is an assembly of different layers of wood veneer. These layers have been dried and cross-hatched and are bonded together to form the kind of wood flooring that is sold in the market today.

This type of floor has different styles but are bonded and laminated to make it sturdier and more resistant to damage like that of a premium hardwood. They can be modified according to what you want; for instance, you can choose to it finished or not. Depending on your home interior, you should choose the type of color and look that is suitable.

Once you have your very own engineered timber flooring, you should remember that you need to properly maintain to always make it look good. Here are some of the maintenance tips that you can follow.
The first step in maintaining it is to remove all the adhesives on the floor after its installation. You can use glue removers that are mild yet effective. Make sure though that the chemical is apt for your flooring, you can ask for suggestions from the timber seller so that you can be sure about it. The reason about removing the adhesive so that dirt will not stick and it will not cause any disgusting look.

It may be a great idea to put some walk-off mats in the entrances of your home. This way, people can dust off their footwear before coming in. Remember that dust and sand can cause scratches. Aside from that, it can go through the small spaces of the flooring which will eventually affect its look

When it comes to daily maintenance, you need to make sure that you sweep or mop the floor as often as you can. You can also use a vacuum cleaner, but preferably those with a wand or brush to make sure that the floor won’t get damaged. It is also wise to wipe up spilt liquid right away so that the floor will not absorb it. Remember that water can cause the wood to expand and you do never want this to happen.
In dealing with stains, it would be better not to remove it with detergents or any cleaning agent since it might discolor the floor. What you can do is to wipe it with clean and damp cloth to remove as much stain as you can.

Lastly, have a periodic maintenance. Ask the professionals to do the necessary things that they should in keeping your engineered timber flooring as beautiful and as new as before. If you do all of these things, you can surely have elegant floors all the time. Find affordable 
engineered timber flooring in Melbourne here.

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  1. Nowadays more and more people are changing there flooring with a timber flooring! These really a great time to make there house more beautiful and elegant.


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