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How To Care For Bamboo Flooring

Bamboo flooring for your home is one the best things that you can have. It exudes elegance and simplicity. The color of the bamboo flooring gives you peace of mind not to mention the fact it is indeed fresh and cool to the eyes.

But like any type of wood flooring, bamboo flooring in Melbourne needs proper care to always make it look great and new. If you have bamboo flooring in Melbourne or you are contemplating of getting one, here are the things you need to know on how to take care of bamboo flooring in Melbourne.
One of the most important things that you need to remember is that bamboo flooring is sensitive to water. This is because water is absorbed and can make the bamboo soft and get brittle in the long run. With this, make sure to limit its exposure to water. You can use damp cloth or mop to clean the surface especially if there are stains. Whenever you spill liquid on your floor, make sure to clean it right away so that it won’t be absorbed by the floor.

Like any other type of wood flooring, bamboo flooring must always be swept all the time; this way, the dust particles are removed. However, since it is normal for some dust particles to come through the bamboo, you can vacuum it once in a while. Limit the use of wood polishes and waxes as well. Although many people think that these are great for bamboo flooring, well, they are actually not. The chemicals can damage the surface and can make them dull.

Another thing that you need to remember is to never drag any furniture or appliance as this can create marks on your bamboo flooring. Remember, once the mark is there, you can never remove it. What you can do is to always carry the furniture or appliance to keep your bamboo flooring nice-looking. You can also use protective pads so that no matter how heavy your furniture and appliances are, they would not leave any marks on your bamboo floors.

Put rugs in your entrances. This way, you and your guests can wipe your feet before even stepping on the bamboo floors. This helps in lessening the dirt on the floor as well minimizing the scratches that are made from your shoes’ dirt especially if they are muddy. Also, minimize the use of high heels so that you would not create any undesirable marks on the floor especially if the tips of your shoes no longer have sufficient rubber for cushion.

Since bamboo flooring is susceptible to shrinking especially when the weather is humid. To make sure that your bamboo flooring would not shrink, use a humidifier and maintain the humidity around 30-50%. Rest assured that your bamboo flooring will not shrink or crack just as easily. Getting bamboo flooring is indeed a great idea. Your home or any type of property would really look great because of this.

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  1. Bamboo flooring gives a splendid look to the flooring, but it demands a lot of care for making its beauty .


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