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Bamboo Flooring Melbourne - Your Guide to Selecting Them

Bamboo floors are more than just the natural looks. It can also facilitate comfort and beauty which would give happiness and contentment to any home or establishment owner.

Bamboos has gained a reputation of being one of the most eco-friendly and highly renewable source of material these days. As you know, it is a type of grass and it also happens to be the fastest growing plant on earth. The fact of the matter is that there are so many species of bamboo and they are widely being used in terms of manufacturing flooring and even plywood. 

In fact, other countries in Asia has used bamboos as their primary material for houses, fences, roof frame and some have even used bamboos as bridges in rivers as well as they have utilized them as floating barges during rainy season. There are so many uses of bamboo and basically this while article page is not going to be enough to cover it.

So if you want to see, feel and experience bamboo flooring Melbourne, here are some of the best things that you need to be aware of:

·         Bamboo flooring here in Melbourne should be made from the Moso class to attain its finest rigidity and the bamboo must be at least five years old before it can be harvested. So be sure that the bamboo is not less than 5 years since it will affect its hardness. In fact, it would be better if the bamboo is harvested at seven years. For it to be suitable for flooring without affecting its rigidity, manufacturing process called Carbonation is done to make it softer. It basically refers to a heating method that helps change the bamboo to an amber colour. In terms of its Janka rating (this is the internationally recognized rating scale of bamboos hardness in terms of flooring), it will be lower.

·         For hard-wearing and long lasting floors with woven strands of bamboo with aluminum oxide multi-layer finish is highly suggested for higher rating. Remember that in terms of traditional bamboo flooring Melbourne ratings are from 1300 to 1600 pounds-pressure.

·         If you want more rigid flooring, choose a natural bamboo that is characteristically light in colour. Note that natural bamboo floors come in planks and this can be installed by either nailing it or gluing it. But if you prefer the darker colour, then you can opt for the stained bamboo.

·         If you really wish to get the best quality hardwood or bamboo flooring Melbourne, you have to do your part and research thoroughly in terms of the most established brands so that you can guarantee that they are indeed genuine as well as it meets the specific standards. On top of that, it conforms to the environmental guidelines.

·         Keep an eye out for those bamboo that have visual imperfections, contractions and even extension as they may be indications of a low quality flooring. You don’t want to be spending on something that is not worth it right?
Bamboos are one of the best gift that Mother Nature has give to mankind and therefore, whatever benefits we get from it, we should take the responsibility in taking care of it and whenever possible replace what has been harvested.


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