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Types of Bamboo Flooring

Are you considering installing bamboo floors in your home?  If you are, then you are not alone.  Thanks to rising awareness of the need for sustainable architecture and building options, a lot of home owners are switching to eco-friendly bamboo floors.  Bamboo plants grow far more quickly than hardwood trees, and they need less chemicals and fertilizers to grow than cultivated woods.  Bamboo is also relatively inexpensive even though it is pretty durable and attractive.

Before you install bamboo floors in Melbourne however, it pays to do a bit of research about them.  Keeping yourself well-informed will help you pick the right type of bamboo flooring in Melbourne for your home.  Not all types of bamboo floors are created equal, so consult this handy guide before you go to your contractor.

To start off, you should understand the nature of bamboo.  Bamboo is not really wood, it is grass although you may have heard the plant referred to as a “bamboo tree.”  As such, stalks of bamboo are actually hollow.  In areas like Southeast Asia where bamboo is a traditional building material and it is often used in stilt houses. 
Bamboo stalks are usually split down the middle and nailed to wooden beams.  They do not usually fit flush side by side and that is okay – the gaps and cracks in this type of floor is excellent for air circulation particularly in tropical climates.  However, raw material for bamboo flooring in Melbourne undergoes a different process and is treated several times before it is ready for your floor.

The most common type of bamboo flooring is much like wood laminate.  For this type of bamboo floor, there is the horizontal type that shows growth rings and have strips laminated together.  The vertical type on the other hand resembles a number of thin panels that lie across your floor.

Engineered bamboo is another option if you would like a more secure and durable type of flooring.  Engineered bamboo is made of a bamboo strip on top with a plank beneath that is made of plywood or cork.  This type of material has a better chance of standing up to wear and tear than the previous kind of bamboo flooring.  If you have pets or are concerned about damage to your floors from furniture and high heels or if humidity is a problem, then this is the kind of bamboo floor for you.

Stranded bamboo floors are even stronger and stable than engineered bamboo.  These bamboo floors in Melbourne are made from the fibers of the bamboo plant.  The fiber is shredded, mixed with adhesive and treated under pressure to result in durable floors that  are eco-friendly and will last very long especially with the right kind of care.

Whatever you choose, there is always something for you. But before getting any bamboo floor, it would be best to consider your home interior, the weather condition in your area a well as your budget. Look for reputable companies that can provide you with high quality bamboo flooring to ensure that you are getting your money’s worth. For more information on bamboo flooring and where you can get them, click here.


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