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Keeping a Bamboo Floor in Good Condition

At present, bamboo is one of the most popular flooring materials on the market.  Long used as a building material in Asia, bamboo is said to be almost as durable as a hardwood floor while being a lot less expensive.  Choosing a bamboo floor can also be a more ethical choice since bamboo is a quickly renewable resource that does not require that many fertilizers or pesticides to grow. 

Other homeowners also choose to go with bamboo because it is very attractive.  It can give a sleek modern look to any home and comes in both light and dark stains.  If you have a bamboo floor in Melbourne, here is how to keep it in good condition.

1.  Avoid too much moisture.  Like all wooden floors, one made of bamboo will be damaged by too much wet and moisture.  It really is not necessary to wash it down with a tub of soap and water every day.  You will find that for day-to-day cleaning a microfiber cloth or mop will suffice.  In countries where bamboo grows and is frequently used in homes, people use brooms made of pliable dried grass and dry cloth to clean a bamboo floor.  You can also use a vacuum cleaner as long as the attachment will not scratch the floor’s surface.

2.  Watch out for chemicals.  You can’t avoid getting spills and stains on your bamboo floors in Melbourne, but you can make sure that you remove them the right way.  For most spills like sauce or juice as well as stains from dirty shoes, a damp – not wet – cloth should do the trick. Beware of harsh solvents and bleaches, oil soaps and waxes.  These could permanently ruin your floor. Remember to only use mild soaps when removing stains.

3.  Get felt pads for furniture.  This is a good policy for most types of wood floor.  To protect your bamboo floors in Melbourne from unsightly nicks and scratches, put felt pads underneath your tables, chairs, cabinets, and couches.  Remove any sand or grit that gets caught on them as well, since these could mark the floors when the furniture is moved.  Likewise, be wary of tramping all over your floor in stiletto heels.  Some well-placed rugs will also help protect the ends of the bamboo planks in doorways between rooms.
Aside from that, when you are rearranging your furniture it would be best to carry them rather than dragging them on the floor. If it is too heavy to carry, again, use felt pads so that you can easily drag them without worrying that it could cause scratches.

4.  Protect the floor from heat and humidity.  It is not just you that hates heat and humidity – your floors do to.  A very humid environment can cause the bamboo in your floor to expand and warp.  Meanwhile, too much exposure to the sun can cause the finish to fade.

A bamboo floor in Melbourne is a nice thing to have.  With the right care and attention, it should last for many years. Should you want to install bamboo flooring or you want to replace the old one, contact a reputable company that will do the job for you. For more information about this, click here.

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